Pixelmetrix ECP™ Support

required fields

*Switch on the ECPª, go to ECP™ (ECPs | Click on ECP | Properties | SW Update)

*Switch on the Consolidator Engine™, go to Consolidator Engine (Administration | Property | SW Update)
*Screenshots of GUI if error is displayed there

*ECP™ and Consolidator Engine™ Log output (Steps: Download the log from the ECP™/Consolidator Engine™ set up page)

*ECP/Cons property values
[Steps: Switch on the ECP™ (ECPs | Click on ECP | Properties); Switch on the Consolidator Engine™ go to Consolidator Engine™ (Administration | Property)]

*Relevant parts of the Tcl Test script which caused the error

*Screenshots of the relevant hardware causing the error

Notifications are sent via email.
Please print a copy of the completed form for your reference.