House of Worship Video Solutions

A growing trend in the modern House of Worship is the shared worship experience among geographically separated congregations.

Extremely high production values, multi-camera high definition programs, and multi-channel audio are all needed on a near-real time basis by the remote campuses.

The DVStor Transport Stream Recorder provides multiple simultaneous delays of a multiplexed program with an easy to use interface.


DVStor Multiple Campus Delay System

A variable delay of the integrated program from the main campus that is controlled by the remote campus is a better solution. This lets remote operators present the main message easily and naturally with the flow of the local service. The Pixelmetrix DVStor2 has been enhanced with new functionality to provide just this capability for such House of Worship applications.

In this solution, multiple video feeds and multiple audio are multiplexed to form a single transport stream which is recorded on the DVStor. Each remote campus can log in to the DVStor and establish a separate delayed playback session. Program delays as short as ten seconds or as long as several hours can easily be established, and each playback session is independent from the others as well as from the recording itself.

Because control and operations functions for House of Worship applications is often staffed by volunteer operators (who only work once or twice a week), simplicity of design is essential.

The DVStor House of Worship playout system uses a simple and straightforward GUI which enables operators to easily "queue up" programming from the central campus for playout.

Content to play at each remote site can be live content that has been delayed for a few minutes (like pressing pause on your PVR) or it can also be pre-recorded clips or content from previous weeks – ready for a "repeat performance".


Playout and Recording Solutions

DVStor2. A cost effective solution to many recording and playout applications – including test and analysis, and disaster recovery. Available models range from 1TB to 48TB, and record/playout over either ASI or IP. Robust platform with RAID drives and redundant power supplies.

Provides expansion storage for DVStor. Individual DAS systems available from 10TB to 40TB - resulting in a total DVStor system capacity of up to 288 TB!

DVShift. Scalable from one to four ports, DVStation-Remote provides cost effective monitoring of RF, ATM and MPEG signals.