Product Families

Pixelmetrix offers a series of modular tools to assist companies in deploying, operating, and managing new broadcast technology in the world of convergence. Our family of Monitoring Tools give you the correct Broadcast Intelligence – made possible using comprehensive data collection, analysis and correlation on three axis: time, geography and protocol layer.

The Pixelmetrix DVStor family of Playout and Recording Solutions provide flexible and economical solutions for television infrastructure, including:

  • compliance recording/logging
  • media monitoring
  • time shift / delay television
  • disaster recovery playout
  • from technical analysis

Jump directly to our Monitoring Line Up, our Playout and Recording Solutions, Video Encoders, or use our handy Technology Matrix to find the right solutions for your problems.

Monitoring Line Up


DVStation. Highly scalable platform. Multi-Port, Multi-Layer, monitoring solution for digital video networking.
DVStation-Remote. Scalable from one to four ports, DVStation-Remote provides cost effective monitoring of RF and MPEG signals.


DVStation-Mini2. Effective, affordable solution for remote deployments at the network edge. Ideal for monitoring DVB-T SFN, transmitters, cable and satellite networks.

DVStation-IP3. A one-stop monitoring engine for IP and TS Analysis, detailed service visualization and IP Headend Output verification for IPTV networks.

DVProbe-S2. Economical, compact platform for remote deployments. Single port architecture available in DVB-S/S2 and DVB-C/QAM configurations.
Electronic Couch Potato. Programmable test robot” deployed after the STB. It uses a built-in IR controller and analyzes the decoded signal to fully and truly evaluate the analog output.
Consolidator. Provides central monitoring and control capability, enabling feedback display, remote control and configuration of probes.
IPGen. High-performance, cost-effective tool for the evaluation, compliance testing and verification of networks, monitoring and equipment analysis.
network Supervisor   OTT Media Grinder product shot
StationView. Simple Effective Monitoring tool that utilizes the power and flexibility of SNMP without the complexity and hassle of heavy network management systems.
OTT Media Grinder (OMG). Comprehensive system for validation of Over-The-Top Delivery Infrastructure, enabling operators to qualify and periodically audit OTT Service Quality by simultaneously emulating thousands of OTT clients – generating large amounts of OTT transaction traffic into the network.


Playout and Recording Solutions

DVStor2. A cost effective solution to many recording and playout applications – including test & analysis and disaster recovery. Available models range from 1TB to 48TB and record/playout over either ASI or IP. Robust platform with RAID drives and redundant power supplies.

. Provides expansion storage for DVStor. Individual DAS systems available from 10TB to 40TB - resulting in a total DVStor system capacity of up to 288 TB!


Video Encoders

Pelican. Compact, rugged, encoder for remote news gathering, enterprise video, hospitality, government, education and healthcare applications. Set up and configuration is a snap with the built in HTML5 web interface. All Pelican models - Pelican-AnalogPelican-SD and Pelican-HD support live IP streaming from the built-in Ethernet port.


Product-Technology Matrix

  • Mini2 8VSB