Introducing ConsolidatorTM - the New Generation NMS

Consolidator, an enterprise grade network management platform, is the ultimate end-to-end solution for digital television broadcasters of all types to centrally monitor and control their broadcast operational performance in real time.

Consolidator aggregates network-wide monitoring intelligence into a simple single-screen view, allowing operators to quickly drill down and isolate the root cause of an issue – reducing mean time to repair and maintaining customer perceived QoS.

Leveraging an enterprise grade NMS framework, Consolidator enables direct feedback, display, remote control and configuration of thousands of probes and millions of data points. Probes are tracked in real time — thus facilitating faster response time and fault isolation, therefore improving overall Quality of Service.

Connecting via any standard web browser, the multi-user Consolidator can provide any number of different views for different teams - a monitoring view for operators, a simple dashboard for management, and full diagnostics and troubleshooting for engineers.

Consolidator allows broadcasters to monitor and control network operations:
  • Flexible screens with configurable elements
  • Role-specific views to monitor information
  • Aggregated network health information from different points within it
  • Drill down capability to move from an overall network view to isolated focus on a single monitoring point.
Alarm status is clearly indicated and active hot links let you immediately access the DVStation at the affected site for deeper analysis.

The system is easy to set up and configure, providing the option to maintain it in-house. Alternatively, simply leave it to our Professional Services team for full design and maintenance services.

Cons Map
Consolidator provides central monitoring and control capability, enabling feedback display, remote control and configuration of probes.


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