Introducing DVStation-IP3

DVStation-IP3 is a comprehensive monitoring engine for IPTV, Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial providers utilizing IP to transport and deliver video. It provides detailed IP and Transport Stream Analysis, complete service visualization and IP Headend Output verification for IP video delivery networks. With stellar features such as full Gigabit line rate monitoring for all services, MDI (Media Delivery Index), high definition and standard definition support for H.264 and MPEG-2, DVStation-IP3 is the answer to effective Quality of Service and Quality of Experience Monitoring.

  • Complete Mediaroom® capable IP Headend output verification tool
  • Video over IP monitoring with in-depth monitoring of physical, transport stream and content layer
  • H.264 SD and HD video support
  • MDI (Media Delivery Index) on all services
  • Full GigE monitoring
  • Remote Service View (RSV)

DVStation-IP3 is useful for all categories of operators by providing real-time protocol measurement and status in both the IP and Transport Stream protocol layers. It offers a clear, single platform monitoring engine designed for IPTV, Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial service provisioning players in the market.




DVStation-IP3 addresses the emerging market for video transport over IP networks.