Introducing DVStor2

DVStor2 is a self-contained transport stream recording and playout solution. It archives transport stream data complete with all services, SI/PSIP tables and any private metadata – making faithful on-demand reproduction possible.

DVStor2 can be integrated with your workflow with on-demand, automatically triggered and scheduled action capability. All operations are preconfigured for a quick start-up, but completely configurable to help you extract the best performance.

Transport stream data can be recorded either in full, or as a selected subset of content. Inputs to the DVStor2 can be either over a Gigabit Ethernet interface or an optional ASI input.

DVStor2 can play out a custom playlist of content recorded off the input or evergreen material uploaded from your asset store. The content in the DVStor2 can be played out over IP or the optional ASI output.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

The EPG support simplifies locating and selecting specific programs within the massive library of the DVStor2. Once located, the entire program can be exported in native or reduced resolution. It augments the highly visual Timeline feature, providing direct visualization of program content on multiple services and transport streams.

Timeline Content Browser

The unique DVStor2 Timeline display lets you quickly browse from seconds to even years of content to enable you to easily locate, mark and export content clips.


Content playout can be either in real-time or with a frame-accurate delay inserted, making the DVStor2 perfect for content distribution across timezones or for +1 channels (with appropriate logo insertion). The playout can also be started on an external trigger, making the solution ideal for Disaster Recovery playout. All these without having to involve costly SDI workflows.

DVStor2 allows for scheduling and controlling playout from remote sites. With up to three independent playout instances possible, operators in remote sites can locate and cue up content originating in a central site for playout over the IP output – making it perfect for applications such as distance learning, corporate training and House of Worship applications.

DVStor2 is built on a highly robust and resilient platform with storage and power redundancy built-in. Hardware models range from 1U to 4U in installed size, with net storage ranging from 2 TB to 72 TB. There’s a DVStor2 for every application and installation scenario.

The DVStor2 models are available as follows:

DVStor2 1U
DVStor2 2U
DVStor2 1RU
DVStor2 2RU
DVStor2 3U
DVStor2 4U
DVStor2 3RU
DVStor2 4RU

Avert disaster with the DVStor2 – record while the downlink is good, playout earlier content during failures.