Introducing the OTT Media Grinder (OMG) & OMG-Lite

The OTT Media Grinder (OMG) simulates multiple OTT clients (iPhone, iPad, etc) with multiple user-defined behaviors. Simulating multiple client pools playing real assets, to the end or abruptly terminating, OMG gives you in-depth and unparalleled visibility of adaptive bit rate 'gear changes', buffering, as well as server and network problems.

There are two models available: the full featured OMG supports up to 2000 clients, while the cost-effective OMG-Lite supports up to ten clients. Both models share the identical set of rich features giving you in-depth and detailed visibility into your service quality.

To quantify the unique QoS/QoE performance factors for Over-The-Top Video, Pixelmetrix has developed the comprehensive VideoMargin™ Metrics, for complete insight into the OTT delivery - measuring network, HTTP and video layer performance.

The seven VideoMargin™ parameters measure each aspect of the delivery domain spanning content server, network, authentication, individual client behavior and collective client behavior as well.  Consolidated service availability is also provided as a single number in a familiar '5 nines' type of representation.

OTT Media Grinder screenshot

OMG features a powerful, highly visual presence and asset model editor.  This lets you easily configure both the number of clients over time as well as the assets of which those clients are 'watching'.

OMG presence model screenshot

OMG presence model screenshot

OTT Media Grinder wordmark
OTT Media Grinder product shot
The OTT Media Grinder simulates thousands of OTT clients with multiple user-defined behaviors.