Press Releases

September 2002 Pixelmetrix announces a major sale of DVStation-Family Monitoring Systems to their UK distributor Digi-Box
September 2002 Pixelmetrix Begins Delivery DVStation Pod-Remote for Real-Time Monitoring of Digital Networks
September 2002 IBC 2002 New Product Fact Sheet
September 2002 How DVStation Creates a New Paradigm for Broadcast Monitoring Products
June 2002 Pixelmetrix Begins Delivery of Two New DVStation solutions for the Real-Time Monitoring of Complex Digital Networks
May 2002 Pixelmetrix DVStation Selected by Japan Telecom to provide high-quality, high-speed video network monitoring for 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan
April 2002 Newpoint Technologies teams with Pixelmetrix to enhance integrated end-to-end management & quality control solutions for digital broadcast facilities
April 2002 Scopus Network Technologies Selects Pixelmetrix DVStation for Signal Monitoring at 2002 World Cup Games in Korea
April 2002 Pixelmetrix introduces DVStation-Pod, a low-cost, single-port Preventative Monitoring solution in a convenient book-sized desktop enclosure
April 2002 Pixelmetrix introduces two DVStation models targeted to remote monitoring applications
April 2002 Pixelmetrix Professional Services helps DVStation users create fully-automated Preventative Monitoring systems
April 2002 Pixelmetrix to expand next generation DVStation "Preventative Monitoring" Solutions at NAB 2002
April 2002 The Pixelmetrix Story: An NAB 2002 Editorial Backgrounder
April 2002 How DVStation Creates a New Paradigm for Broadcast Monitoring Products
February 2002 Content Validation for the Multimedia Home Platform
January 2002
HBO Asia selects Pixelmetrix to efficiently manage Signal Integrity and Quality of Service

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