Press Releases

September 2003 SES ASTRA chooses integrated solution by Pixelmetrix and Barco for its Network Operations Center
September 2003 Pixelmetrix - Now Truly Your One-stop Shop for Digital Broadcasting Monitoring Solutions
September 2003 First fruits from Omnitek and Pixelmetrix with Quality Auditor
September 2003 Another first from Pixelmetrix. DPI Auditor - the world's first Digital Program Insertion monitoring and verification tool
September 2003 Special for digital broadcast service providers: Pixelmetrix and Zandar team up to provide integrated solutions for efficient quality monitoring
September 2003 Bringing you the best of both worlds - Pixelmetrix and Divitech join forces to deliver a unique service management system
September 2003 IBC 2003 Product Fact Sheet
July 2003 Pixelmetrix wins over NHK with superior product performance
June 2003 Pixelmetrix competes with more than 160 others and emerges as winner again
April 2003 Pixelmetrix Corporation joins force with Digiworkz and DMT to develop the first Transmission Training Centre in Asia
April 2003 DVStor: A New Pixelmetrix Product Line for MPEG-TS Recording and Playback
April 2003 Pixelmetrix DVShift - Temporal Distortion Generator Launched at NAB 2003
April 2003 Omnitek and Pixelmetrix Form Strategic Partnership
April 2003 Scopus (Israel) and Pixelmetrix (Singapore) Developing Next Generation Broadcast Management Technology
April 2003 Pixelmetrix DVStation on the South Pole!
April 2003 Pixelmetrix to Demonstrate DVB-C interface module for DVStation at NAB2003
April 2003 Pixelmetrix to Demonstrate QPSK IF interface module for DVStation at NAB2003
April 2003 Pixelmetrix to Demonstrate DVStation-IP for video transport over IP Networks at NAB2003
April 2003 NAB 2003 Product Fact Sheet
April 2003 How DVStation Creates a New Paradigm for Broadcast Monitoring Products
February 2003 Pixelmetrix DVStation selected by NOZEMA Netherlands
January 2003 Pixelmetrix Begins Delivery DVStation-IP for video transport over IP Networks

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